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Saldo Kreek Update
by Ray Johnson

Back in February of 2001, I was fortunate to make contact with a well-established producer, in Nashville, by the name of Duane Scott. Duane's 30 + years in the music business, as producer and engineer, has netted him platinum and double platinum credits with a number of artists/bands that you would know of. Heart, Dan Fogelberg, and ELO are just a few. The list goes on. Duane was very interested in hearing our past work and after he reviewed the demo material, an invitation was offered to me, by Duane, to come to Nashville and discuss working on a full length CD. I accepted Duane's invitation and made the trip in May.

During the 3 days of my trip, I was able to visit 4 top-notch recording studios, 3 in Nashville and one in the SW suburb of Franklin TN. During this time Duane and I also met and discussed the necessary business and creative aspects of the project as well as when the recording would take place. It was also suggested, that employing the services of well respected studio musicians, in a supporting role, would be available to us and very helpful in terms of releasing the emotion that lives within our songs. I knew then that this was the opportunity we had been working for.

Upon returning and meeting with Tom, Dave and Karin to discuss Duane's offer and the legitimacy of the opportunity, we decided that the week starting July15th through the 24th, would be the right time. I contacted Duane and informed him of our decision and accepted his offer.

Two weeks later, in the middle of June, a return trip to Nashville took place, but this time with Karin, Tom and Dave. Having been there previously, I felt it was critical for the rest of the group to meet Duane and to experience what I had experienced my first time there. This was a wonderful opportunity to really get a lay of the land so to speak and to eliminate any feeling of being overwhelmed by the reality of it all.

We returned to Nashville on the 15th of July prepared, relaxed and ready to embark on a journey that many dream of but never have the opportunity to experience. It was truly a remarkable time in everyone's life.

It is difficult to explain what it was like to work in a professional studio, with top-notch musicians crafting and embellishing the music that we have always believed in. The experience has left a lasting mark on each of us and has elevated us as musicians and songwriters to a whole new level. Our music has never let us down and this CD is the result of all that we believe in.

The actual release date and availability of the CD is scheduled for the second week of September 2001. "Love Street" is our best work to date and I hope that you will find room in your CD collection for our work.

On behalf of Dave, Tom, Karin and myself, we want to thank you for your continued support and for considering purchasing our new CD. I can speak for everyone in the group, when I say, that you will love this CD and it quite possibly could become one of your favorites.

Ray Johnson & Saldo Kreek

Saldo Kreek
Welcome to the official Saldo Kreek website. Thanks for stopping by. This site hosts a variety of information on Saldo Kreek as well as music samples of songs from all three of our CDs. Our performance schedule is kept up to date and periodic updates of the bands progress is provided when appropriate. We have also included reviews of the band and our music in order to highlight the opinions of people in the music business. On-line purchasing of our CDs is available directly from our site. We have included a number of photos from our recording sessions for "Love Street". The photos will give you a good idea of what it was like to work in Nashville.

We hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to look around the entire site. Contact information for each of the band members is available should you have any questions or comments.

On behalf of Dave, Tom, Karin and myself, we thank you for stopping by and for your continuing support. Enjoy you visit.

Ray Johnson/Saldo Kreek

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"Love Street"
Track List

The Things You Do
Fools In Love
Love Street
Think Of Losing You
You Can't Come In
Gonna Be Leaving (soon)


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