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Saldo Kreek
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Genre: Acoustic Pop, Progressive Folk/Blues
CD “Panning for Gold” Released: July 1999
CD “New Releases” Released: August 2000
CD “Love Street” Released September 2001
Copyright & Publishing: Saldo Kreek

Saldo Kreek was formed in October of 1996 under the premise of writing and performing original material. In October of 1997, recording began on tracks that would eventually become their debut CD “Panning for Gold”. The CD was financed by the band with the intent to create a vehicle that would display their talents as songwriters and musicians. The release of “Panning for Gold”, in July of 1999, was a major step for the group.

Two songs from “Panning for Gold” were selected for two individual CD compilation projects. In July of 2000, Oasis CD Manufacturing selected “The Devil You’ve Been Paying” for their CD “Oasis Acoustic Sampler” that was earmarked for radio distribution across the U.S. In August of 2000, a second compilation disc, produced by, an Internet music site, selected “Passed You By” for their CD that is currently being sold to the general public through their internet site.

Saldo Kreek's second independent release, titled "New Releases", arrived in August of 2000. Again the band financed this project by investing in their own digital recording equipment. This six song CD was recorded and produced by Saldo Kreek over a 3-month period of time.

Nearly five years since the start of the band’s career, the core group of Ray Johnson, Tom Wade and Dave Bieritz have continued to build upon their past success and in July of 2001 recorded their 3rd CD, “Love Street” at Dark Horse Recording in Franklin, TN. "Love Street" was released in September of 2001 and was produced and engineered by Duane Scott. Duane’s 30 plus years in the music business has netted him platinum and double platinum recognition as producer and engineer with ELO, Dan Fogelberg and Heart.

Saldo Kreek is Ray Johnson: 6 & 12 string acoustic and lead vocals, Tom Wade: Harmonica, accordion, congas, percussion and lead vocals, Dave Bieritz: Acoustic & Electric Bass.

Additional Information:

Additional Data:

• Saldo Kreek writes and performs “all original” material
• Saldo Kreek provides all recording, management, booking, publishing and promotional services
• Direct Internet marketing and distribution has been established with Internet music stores
• On-line web site purchasing and mail order is provided by Saldo Kreek
• Local distribution for the CD has been established at independent record stores in St. Charles IL. Geneva IL. and Batavia IL.
• College Radio airplay has been achieved at WRVG, 50,000 watt station in Louisville, KY and KASU-FM, 100,000 watt station at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. In Illinois, WDBX in Carbondale and WQUB in Quincy have added "Love Street" to their rotation.
• Internet Radio airplay has been achieved at Dhnet Radio in South Carolina, WNRG/Sprocket in El Segundo, CA and Chicago Local Radio in Chicago.
• The St. Charles Republican, Kane County Chronicle, The Daily Herald, Beacon News and Suburban Nitelife have run feature articles on Saldo Kreek
• Saldo Kreek has performed as the headlining act at The Fox Rox Festival in St. Charles IL, Milk Pail Days in East Dundee, The Harvest Moon Festival in Geneva IL and has appeared as the opening act for Bryan White at Great America’s Country Weekend in Gurnee IL.
• Nominated for "Best Original Band of 1999 and 2000” in the Suburban Nitelife Readers Poll
• “Devil You’ve Been Paying”, from “Panning for Gold”, selected for the compilation CD produced by Oasis CD Manufacturing, “Oasis Acoustic Sampler” in July of 2000
• “Passed You By”, from “Panning for Gold”, selected for the compilation CD produced by, an Internet music site, in August of 2000
• Saldo Kreek's 3rd CD, titled "Love Street" released September, 2001

Saldo Kreek

City of Origin: St. Charles Illinois

Band Members Names and Instruments: Ray Johnson: Acoustic 6 & 12, Electric 6, Lead Vocal and Songwriter, Tom Wade: Harp, Accordion, Percussion, Lead Vocal and Songwriter and Dave Bieritz: Acoustic and Electric Bass

Key Points of Interest:

• Saldo Kreek was formed in October of 1996
• Debut CD release “Panning for Gold” July 31st, 1999
• C.D. project financed by Saldo Kreek
• Second CD release “Saldo Kreek – New Releases” August 1st, 2000. This CD was recorded and produced by Saldo Kreek with Pro Tools software and Digitech interface.
• Third CD release “Love Street” September 2001. This CD was recorded, mixed, produced and engineered by Duane Scott at Dark Horse Recording in Franklin, TN
• Main songwriters are Ray Johnson and Tom Wade
• Writing styles vary, creating an excellent mix of Contemporary Pop, Folk and Blues sounds. References to the Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash have also been made to describe their sound.

Saldo Kreek